Petition Time! Say NO to PATH Airport Extension and YES to Resolving Our Commuter Nightmare





The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) has approved a $1.5 Billion project to extend the the PATH train to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). The project is scheduled to begin in 2018 and finished in 2023. (Source)

Four Points About This:

1) First off, why in the world would Newark International Airport and all their airlines want the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey be in charge of transporting people to their airport? The way the PATH system is managed, this is a recipe for record breaking amounts of people missing their flights because of train delays, “signal problems,” fires on the track, etc that PATH is notorious for.

2) The PATH is already overcrowded and will soon be even more of a commuting nightmare with the amount of new residential construction happening in Jersey City. Adding millions of passengers to/from the airport (plus their luggage) to this already congested train line makes ZERO sense (Newark Airport had 35 million passengers in 2013). Who put these people in charge of the future of North Jersey?

3) Another note about this extension is the cost. It’s a $1.5 BILLION project. That’s $1.5 BILLION, with a “B.” With that $1.5 BILLION, the current commuter problem should be the focus.

4) To agree with Steve Carrellas (a New Jersey spokesman for the National Motorists Association), this train extension is redundant. If you want to go from Manhattan to EWR (or vice versa), there are at least 6 choices for every passenger:

  1. NJ Transit DIRECT – 21 to 25 minutes
  2. Bus
  3. Taxi (don’t take a taxi from EWR)
  4. Uber (take Uber or Lyft)
  5. NJ Transit to PATH (switch at Newark Penn Station)
  6. Drive or carpool

Again, why is this project even a consideration, let alone an approved plan?

If you agree that this extension is a bad idea and the money needs to go towards a GOOD idea that will help manage the future of commuting to Manhattan from Jersey City and Hoboken, then sign this. We’ll make sure it gets put in the right hands.


Worst Train System in US, PATH Train Increases to $2.75


I’m 100% completely and utterly confused about the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) train line and what it is that the organization does in their working hours. Did that 25 cent fare hike yesterday just give half of PATH employees a 3 week paid vacation? Two weeks ago, PATH trains from Journal Square to 33rd Street were shut down for two days, forcing riders to go to WTC or to take the ferry or bus. Today, the PATH train running to 33rd Street was once again suspended with “signal problems.” Reading through tweets from riders, it was apparent that PATH uses cops and dogs to fix their so called “signal problems.”

Just for fun, let’s just do a quick comparison of PATH to the NYC Subway system:

Total Length of Tracks
PATH – 13.8 miles
Subway – 232 miles

Number of Lines
PATH – 4
Subway – 34

Number of Daily Riders
PATH – 240,000
Subway – 5.5 million

Most would think that it’s much more complicated to run the NYC Subway system, than it is the PATH system. Well, they’re absolutely right. But when you put a bunch of incompetent people in charge of something, you get the experience that PATH provides its riders.

Here are some questions that the riders of PATH train have for the PATH organization:

1) Why do you not communicate the truth about reasons that the PATH train is down?

2) Why are you not giving frequent updates to issues via the intercom on the trains and Twitter updates? For every 10 mins that the PATH is suspended, there should be at least 3 updates via the intercom and Twitter. Silence and poor communication is one of the PATH’s greatest weaknesses.

3) What exactly is the PATH train increase of 25 cents for? Especially when the PATH has frequent suspensions.

4) Why does it cost almost 3X more to run the PATH than it does to run one of the world’s most complex train systems, the NYC Subway? (FACT)

I think it’s time that the people in power (yes, we’re talking about you Chris Christie, Steve Fulop and Dawn Zimmer) start thinking about giving their communities alternative routes to work before the people get fed up with the public transportation infrastructure and take their tax paying dollars and lives somewhere else–like to New York. Wonder if a walking bridge from Jersey City to Manhattan could be the answer?