Editor’s Note

After seeing the growth and development of Jersey City, even after the short 5 years that I’ve been here, it never ceases to amaze me how JC continues to become a stronger & more unified community. This is the first post to our new blog and reference for NJ’s “rookie of the decade”–Jersey City. We know there are already a bunch of great resources about JC out there, so we decided to focus Inside Jersey City  on being the quick reference for our audience–an abbreviated version of local knowledge. Our goals are to keep every post under 350 words, supply lots of Top 10 Lists, and eventually build out a directory of the good stuff people continue to pour into JC. We’ll also be gathering ideas, thoughts and votes from our community, to get a more diverse vision & perspective of this town. I’m looking forward to adding some new flavor to what is already a delicious place to call home.