Candice Osborne’s Newsletter – 9/18/14


Enjoy Fall!

From the starting gun at the Newport Liberty Half Marathon to a foodie’s dream come true as the Restaurant Overlay Zone continues to grow, this fall is definitely one of the best ever here in Jersey City. Read on for even more great news and events around downtown and beyond. 

Final Budget Adoption

We recently introduced amendments to the 2014 budget. At the next Council meeting the Council will have a public hearing on the amendments. After the public hearing, the Council will vote on final adoption and if adopted, the revised budget will result in a 2.1% tax decrease for residents. Residents wishing to comment on amendments during the public hearing should note that due to Rosh Hashanah the next council meeting will occur on Tuesday, September 23 at 6 p.m.

What do you think about the development on Van Vorst?

As a part of my pilot community feedback process, I am asking for the community to complete a survey on changes to a proposed 15-story mixed-use residential development on Van Vorst streets between Morris and Sussex streets. Portions of the development are governed under a “redevelopment plan.” Changes to the redevelopment plan needed to accommodate the proposal will come before the City Council for a final vote at the City Hall Council Chambers at 280 Grove St. onSept. 23. The developer has met with residents on nearby streets as well as multiple times with the neighborhood association. Please see my website for a summary of what is being proposed and for the survey

Newport Liberty Half Marathon returns Sunday

I am excited to have the honor of firing the starting gun for the thousands of runners participating in the Newport Liberty Half Marathon at 8:30 a.m. this coming Sunday, Sept. 21. Runners will set off from 100 Town Square Place along Washington Boulevard before looping around to run through Liberty State Park and return along the beautiful Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, ending the race back at Newport Town Square.  View the course map online. For more information on where proceeds will be donated, post-race celebration plans, or where to register and park day of the race, please contact the Barwick Group,201-665-4005 or email the group at I hope to see you there!

PGA 2017 President’s Cup, all living Presidents to come to Jersey City

In three years, Jersey City will be host to the world’s best golfers at the Liberty National golf course when they compete in the PGA 2017 President’s Cup. But that is not all. Following a time honored tradition all the living Presidents are expected to attend the tournament that will be held from Sept. 25 to Oct. 1 in 2017. Thanks to Mayor Steve Fulop, whose tireless efforts helped to persuade the PGA that Jersey City would be an ideal location for event, the tournament will be bring “tourism and investment as well as exposure on the global level.”

As I told, this is great news for our city, because it furthers a positive image of our city, the place we all love, but that the world hasn’t gotten to hear about given our past scandals. When we host the Super Bowl teams, the 4th of July Celebration, and the PGA tournaments; we tell a different story about Jersey City. That story – that positive brand image – puts Jersey City on the map in front of decision makers as a viable place where you can move, locate your business or visit.

Sponsorship Plaques Coming Soon to Van Vorst Park

Business owners and individuals who want to contribute to the continued beautification of Van Vorst Park will soon be able to have a plaque in their name placed in the park. In a new initiative to raise money to meet the expenses of park maintenance, The Van Vorst Park Association and Marc Wesson of the Friends of Van Vorst Park, which helps the city develop and maintain the park, will be putting up the sponsorship plaques. We will be making further announcements in the coming months. Call Marc Wesson at(201) 433-6553 or e-mail him at for additional information. 

New restaurants open in Jersey City’s Restaurant Row

Restaurant Row near Grove Street PATH Plaza is growing and thriving with numerous new eateries opening up to make Downtown Jersey City an even better destination for foodies out to get a great meal and enjoy a drink.

Coming soon to the Restaurant Overlay Zone are Porta, 135 Newark Ave in October, South House in November, and Monty’s Public House at 130 Newark Ave. in April 2015.  Hard Grove Café relocated from the corner of Grove and Columbus Boulevard to 143 Newark Ave. this summer. Also in the pipeline: The owners of JC Made plan to open the Broa Café at 297 Grove St. in the near future as will the owners of Satis, who will open Raval at 136 Newark Ave.  Koro Koro Rice Ball Café will also open at 538 Jersey Ave. andTalde will open just outside the zone at 8 Erie St. No dates yet. In addition, the owners of Hudson Terrace and Turtle Club of Hoboken are planning to open a new restaurant at 149 Newark Ave. Owners of Madame Claude Café 2 and the owners of Maxwell’s in Hoboken plan to open two new restaurants at White Eagle Hall, at 337 Newark Ave.

That’s not all, we have seen several successful food and beverage establishments already open since Oct. 2012, including, Downtown Yogurt at 126 Newark Ave., Roman Nose at  125 Newark Ave., The Bistro at Grove Square, 116 Newark Ave., Orale at 341 Grove St., Choc O Pain at 530 Jersey Ave. and Juicewell at 528 Jersey Ave.

Opening recently just outside the Restaurant Zone along Newark Avenue over the same time frame are Tea NJ at 262 Newark Ave., Union Republic at 340 Newark Ave., Left Bank, at  194 Newark Ave., Gia’s Gelato, at 281 Newark Ave. and Golden Grille, at 270 Newark Ave. 


Jersey City searches for Chief Technology Officer

The City of Jersey City is looking for a Chief Technology Officer with extensive management experience to oversee Information Technology throughout the City. The successful candidate will build and lead a team of up to 30 staff members that will support Mayor Fulop’s vision of making Jersey City the best mid-sized city in the nation. The City of Jersey City is an “Equal Employment Opportunity” Employer. To apply please fill out the application form available online. The application deadline is Sept 30, 2014.

Latest Candice Osborne Email: Proposed development on Marin between 8th & 9th

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 5.17.53 PM

Below is the latest email from Candice Osborne. The reason we share these emails is to help educate more people in Jersey City about what’s going on from a city-level. This is good info to know for people that are living in Jersey City as well as investing in Jersey City–whether that’s a store/business owner, real estate owner, etc.

“Hi all –

After working with the neighborhood associations last year, my office created a pilot feedback process that seeks to engage the community in proposed changes to redevelopment plans.   You are getting this email because you signed up to receive emails related to development.
I previously requested feedback on changes to the redevelopment plan covering the area between 8th & 9th streets and Marin and Manila (also known as the Unico Towers area.)   The feedback was mixed.  For example, some of you asked for less parking because you want to discourage the use of cars, whereas some of you asked for more because you are concerned that occupants of the building will take up street parking space.  My office consolidated that feedback and passed it along to the developer and planning department.  Based on that feedback, the developer made changes in the proposal they will take to the planning board.  If this proposal receives approval from the planning board, it will come to a vote on city council and I would like your input.
Best ways to give me your input:
Other details:
  • If you have any questions that are not answered and want to get clarity, please email me or call my office

Residents Spoke, City Listened: Alt Access to WTC Now Available on Weekends

Residents Spoke, City Listened: Alt Access to WTC Now Available on Weekends

The residents of Jersey City were pretty steamed when they heard the WTC PATH station would be closed on weekends for about a year due to construction from Super Storm Sandy damage. It seems that enough people spoke up about this and got the City to act. Candice Osborne (Jersey City Councilwoman–follow Candice on Twitter @candiceosborne) recently sent out the below email to her distribution list telling us that the NY Waterway will be offering $2.50 ferry rides (each way) to the World Financial Center (WFC). That’s compared to the regular price of $8.00 for a one-way ticket on the ferry. This is a 6-week trial program to see if the people that spoke up will actually use it. Big high-five to Candice for making this happen. It’s up to us residents to USE IT OR LOSE.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 9.18.02 AM

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