About: Top 10+ Lists

We’re bringing the Top 10+ List to Jersey City by ways of covering food, places, drinks, events and any other category with multiple options to choose from. Each list created will allow people from the local community to vote to decide which option deserves the #1 spot!

We’ll be using an app called List.ly, which is a free-to-use application for lists. Inside Jersey City will create the lists (we’re open to ALL suggestions) and add the initial options to each list. Then, the community will have the power to add options to the list and vote on their favorites. To add & vote, users will need to do so with a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ account. This way, each voter can only vote once per option–to keep it fair.

Since the lists will be on-going, the #1 spot could change at any time. The #1 spots will receive some special love from Inside Jersey City. Potential prizes will be: featured listing on homepage, written article, included in a winner’s infograph and more.

Since Inside Jersey City will heavily rely on social media, we’ll be using twitter quite often. Our twitter handle is @ijerseycity and the hashtag for our Top 10 Lists is #top10jc — use them wisely :)