Eighty Magazine is Born

Eighty Magazine is a passion project by Marinell Montales–native to Jersey City. Her desire to bring style and attraction to JC shines in Eighty–a name that comes from the M80 bus line that Marinell has taken to downtown Jersey City her entire life. The magazine is a fantastic new addition to JC and we’re excited to see more issues around town.

We photographed each page for everyone to have a digital version:

20141005_183932 20141005_184004 20141005_184015 20141005_184028 20141005_184036 20141005_184047 20141005_184053 20141005_184106 20141005_184117 20141005_184123 20141005_184139 20141005_184146 20141005_184156 20141005_184204