Latest Candice Osborne Email: Proposed development on Marin between 8th & 9th

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Below is the latest email from Candice Osborne. The reason we share these emails is to help educate more people in Jersey City about what’s going on from a city-level. This is good info to know for people that are living in Jersey City as well as investing in Jersey City–whether that’s a store/business owner, real estate owner, etc.

“Hi all –

After working with the neighborhood associations last year, my office created a pilot feedback process that seeks to engage the community in proposed changes to redevelopment plans.   You are getting this email because you signed up to receive emails related to development.
I previously requested feedback on changes to the redevelopment plan covering the area between 8th & 9th streets and Marin and Manila (also known as the Unico Towers area.)   The feedback was mixed.  For example, some of you asked for less parking because you want to discourage the use of cars, whereas some of you asked for more because you are concerned that occupants of the building will take up street parking space.  My office consolidated that feedback and passed it along to the developer and planning department.  Based on that feedback, the developer made changes in the proposal they will take to the planning board.  If this proposal receives approval from the planning board, it will come to a vote on city council and I would like your input.
Best ways to give me your input:
Other details:
  • If you have any questions that are not answered and want to get clarity, please email me or call my office