The Color of Happiness, Thanks to Holi


Each Spring, the celebration of Holi brings great color and happiness to places it’s celebrated. One of the biggest celebrations of this festival is in Jersey City. This past Saturday, Holi colored Jersey City in smiles, friendliness, music and joy.

This year’s festival was held outside the Exchange Place Path station, on the Hudson waterfront, overlooking Manhattan–a perfect setting. The day started at 11am. At the entrance of Holi, was a tented vault of color. For $2-3 you could get a bag of colored powder–red, green, orange, purple, pink, yellow and more. It’s recommended that you get about 1 bag of color for every 30-60 mins you plan to stay. For kids, they can’t have enough! You enter an area with families, teens, adults and even pets. HoliDogThere’s music, food carts and a beer station, but that’s not where the real fun is. The real fun is with the people involved. The happiness is contagious. Basically, you get to paint yourself and your friends with the powdered color. You even get to paint strangers, if you’re into that..just know that they’ll put the powdered color right back on you. The event is definitely not for people that don’t like to be touched!

It really is an experience that everyone should add to their bucket list. It’s a great tradition for Jersey City and one that truly brings joy to people for the day. Happy Holi!