Radio Looks Great at Super Bowl 48

It’s called Super Bowl Radio Row and it’s one of the biggest days of the year for radio and for football. Over 100 radio stations from around the country gathered in the Super Bowl Media Room at the Sheraton in Times Square on January 31, 2014 (along with a few tv/internet tv channels). Seeing all the radio shows doing live coverage of day was spectacular. The radio show hosts are amazing to be able to concentrate on their show while people like Joe Montana, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner are walking around them from booth to booth. The energy in the room resembles a stock exchange or a sports betting room in Vegas–it’s electrical! (lots of pun intended)

Before going into the “Hollywood” of the event, I do want to mention a few more things about the day. Radio is very much alive. With all the celebrities and ESPN-esque athletes doing radio shows, there’s lots of support for these sound-only stations. Radio truly allows for the listener’s creativity & imagination to flow freely. Although the mystery was revealed to my eyes today, it did produce a new found appreciate for the radio.

Here are a few of the celebrities & athletes that I spotted during the day:

Spike Lee - @SpikeLee
Jamie Foxx - @iamjamiefoxx
Chris Tucker - @realctucker

These guys formed a great trio. Jamie Foxx is super animated for being on a radio show--he'd be great as a tv show host. The guy jumps up and down, shows off his long list of facial expressions and just gets into it. I'd like to see him do something with Ron Burgundy. Check out Jamie's show @Foxxhole on @SIRIUSXM.
Chelsea Handler - @chelseahandler

There's no question that Chelsea Handler is the most confident woman on tv. Catch her on her show @chelsealately
Joe Montana - @JoeMontanta
Jennifer Garner

Jennifer is gorgeous and she's in the new movie @DraftDayMovie
Eric Dickerson - @EricDickerson

Eric Dickerson has tons of rushing records. Seems like a super nice guy too.
Jamie Foxx - @iamjamiefoxx
Jerome Bettis - @JeromeBettis36
Miss America - Nina Davuluri - @MissAmerica and @NinaDavuluri

Jerome Bettis is MEGA HUGE. His nickname probably should have been "The Train" instead of the "The Bus." Also, the guy knows how to smile...he's good at it.
Denis Leary - @denisleary

All I could think of was Leary's Ford F-150 commercials.
Marlon Wayans - @MarlonWayans

The guy is funny. You just know that he's going to say something funny before he even opens his mouth.
Kevin Shane - @stogiemonster
Wes Welker - @WesWelker

Always fun to give Wes Welker the @oldspice stiff arm!
Micheal Irvin - @michaelirvin88

I'm no Cowboy fan, but Michael Irvin is a class act.
Brandon Stokley

One of my all-time favorite receivers of Peyton Manning's. He's the only WR that got to play with Manning on the Colts and the Broncos. #GoBroncos